My Playpen is a licensed JKM (State Welfare Department) Childcare Centre. We specialise in providing wholesome childcare and playschool services to children age 18 months to 4+ years old. 


Our Approach

We adopt the Montessori Principle in the method of delivering your child’s daily routine, structured work and play. This lays a good foundation for your child’s learning and development to take place.  We recognize that early experiences play an important role in your child’s self-esteem, interaction and motivation towards their growth and help prepare your child to cope with pre-school years.  

Together with the art & craft and baking activities, My Playpen intends to nurture and foster positive experiences in our daycare to ensure children grow and develop to their fullest potential.  We aim to promote all-round development, intellectual, physical, emotional and social in a child-friendly environment filled with exciting activities and friendly staff.

My Playpen Montessori room is equipped with working materials to help the child in the development of their senses, arithmetic, creativity, language and skills for practical living.

Nutritious Meals

We offer nutritious and well balanced meals.  All food is freshly prepared on a daily basis.  Our menu ensures interest and variety and reflects a diversity of cultures with plenty of vegetables and fresh fruit juices. We provide lunch, morning and afternoon snacks.  Our meal times are happy social occasions.  Children sit in small groups at tables and are encouraged to interact and talk to each other.   They will also help to set the tables before meals and clear up at the end of a meal.  Boiled and purified water is available throughout the day.

Experienced and Qualified Staff

Our Staff are carefully chosen to form a close and strong team.  All staff members have experience and relevant qualifications.  We are enthusiastic and caring, combining a love for young children with professional expertise.  This is enhanced further with our understanding of children’s needs and their development process.

Interaction with Parents

We will keep you well informed about your child’s progress. We keep records of our observations of your child’s activities, development and routine during the time your child is with us.  Parents can contact us anytime to discuss any aspect of your child’s well being or any concerns, suggestions and requests.


Your Child’s Safety

When you entrust your child to My Playpen, it is our duty to look after them as well as you do.  We have taken every precaution to ensure your child’s safety at My Playpen.  Children are closely supervised at all times to make sure that they are kept safe.  We ask for confirmation of any person permitted by parents to collect your child before your child can be signed out and leave the premise of My Playpen.  Any accidents that occur are recorded and reported to parents promptly.

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